Heroes of Tomorrow was founded to develop, analyze and implement civilian, law enforcement, firefighter and military physical fitness programs. Heroes of Tomorrow has created an expert advisory board to assist the crossover between mental and physical fitness –  training Americans to serve. Heroes of Tomorrow has developed training and certification programs for all aspects of civilian, military, firefighter and law enforcement programs. Heroes of Tomorrow utilizes methods of training which are cost effective and can be easily integrated into all existing and desired levels of fitness. All Heroes of Tomorrow training for prospective candidates and current military and public service personnel is provided free of charge.

Heroes of Tomorrow Staff

Heroes of Tomorrow Director, Stew Smith is a U.S. Naval Academy (’91) graduate and a former U.S. Navy Lieutenant SEAL. For over 15 years Stew has worked professionally as an instructor at the Naval Academy Physical Education Department, law enforcement, firefighter and civilian mental and fitness arena. Stew’s specialty is helping people become U.S. Navy SEALs or any other member of a unit that requires a “physical fitness test” (PFT). Fitness has been a part of Stew’s life from grade school, through high school and college, and today.  Stew has trained college athletes, Olympians, and professionals. Stew is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

Fight Science Special Ops with Stew Smith

Stew has been labeled the Personal Trainer to the Heroes of Tomorrow.  Heroes of Tomorrow is a tribute to fallen heroes and assists future heroes to train for any physical fitness test in the military, fire departments and federal law enforcement and public service agencies.