Heroes of Tomorrow – Preparing Americans to Serve

An anthem to the Heroes of Tomorrow

Founded by former USN SEAL and U.S. Naval Academy (’91) graduate, Stew Smith, the FTI’s Heroes of Tomorrow take military, police, fire, federal law enforcement, and EMS training to the next level. FTI brings all mission critical, military grade training to the Heroes of Tomorrow for free and to the civilian population as a way to become trained for the most important mission ~ life!

Heroes of Tomorrow believes that through Preparation, Motivation, Inspiration and Perspiration Sweat, one may achieve the maximum potential needed for mission success. All Heroes of Tomorrow courses, events and training are designated “military grade”, yet are designed for non-military personnel. By training with the Heroes of Tomorrow, your skill set will be updated and upgraded.

Training is arduousness and rigid, but upon completion, you will be looked upon as someone who has truly accomplished a difficult task set.