The culture at Heroes of Tomorrow is like an extension of your career in the military, police, fire or civilian protection services.  Current, future or prior service is not necessary. The proper attitude is!

When you arrive at Heroes of Tomorrow and meet members of the staff, realize that you will be in the presence of the passionate teachers who will be the Heroes of Tomorrow. The words you read at this website will become an attitude which leaps off the screen. 

We don’t have much debate at Heroes of Tomorrow. There is a proper way to do things here. Everything is laid out for you. You are part of a winning team which is designed to teach you how to become a member. Membership comes easy. When you are told to do something, you do it the way you are told; and then you “give one more”. The “one more” that you give is for the men and women who can’t be with us today. They are out in the field working to protect us. When you are out there, you will want to know that those who are training are not just going for a minimum standard. They are going for the maximum! These, my friend are the Heroes Of Tomorrow.

No one will ever find fault in you for taking “one more” lap around the track. One more set of pushups. One more set of pullups. One more set of squats. When you take “one more”, you are doing it for the Heroes of Tomorrow. (They’d do it for you.)