Here are some Heroes of Tomorrow videos.
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These videos are developed for military, police, fire and public safety professionals.
All of the trainers in our videos are fitness professionals. Please utilize them at your own risk. Always exercise with a qualified partner.

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The Combat Swimmer Stroke is a relaxing and super efficient swim stroke
that is an updated version of the traditional sidestroke. Actually,
the CSS is a mix of sidestroke, freestyle and breaststroke.

Pullup bars, Log PT, TRX, UK Gear shoes – good gear.

People ask us all the time for recommendations concerning fitness equipment.
We don’t normally make endorsements. Every now and then we find

something that we can’t live without. The Perfect Pushup is truly the greatest
invention since the pushup. We use it. We tell our students about it. It works – perfect!

Our original CSS video. This is a great swim stroke for just about anyone.

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