Free workouts for Pre-military,  Spec Ops,  Police,  Fire Fighters
(and those who support us)

Trainer list HERE

Days of the Week Time Location (Severna Park MD)
Monday / Wednesday / Friday 0600  SPCC
Tuesday / Thursday 0600 SPHS, BA Trail or SPCC
Saturday 0800 USNA OR 1300 AT SPCC US Naval Academy Gate 8

Some Fridays we (usually) meet at 1600 at USNA and run / ruck the perimeter and hills.

On Saturdays we meet either at 0800 at USNA Gate 8 or 1300 in Severna Park depending on the group’s personal schedule.  Please contact us before arriving as we do change the times occasionally due to weather / pool schedule.

Contact Stew Smith at as we have recently changed a few locations on certain workout days. 

DO NOT SHOW UP WITHOUT contacting me first…We may not be there / somewhere else!

The Severna Park MD group, where we train the Heroes of Tomorrow with Swimming Techniques, PT tests, and running programs, is in need of donations.  Your donations will help complete the remodel of a new facility that will enable the Heroes of Tomorrow for years to come.  You can donate to the Severna Park Community Center also – please mail your donation to

Heroes of Tomorrow
P.O. Box 122
Severna Park, Maryland 21146
Phone:   410-271-0837

Thanks for helping the place where Stew Smith trains thousands of our Heroes of Tomorrow from across the United States. Stew Smith is also on the board of directors of the Severna Park Community Center and has been part of the rebuilding program for the past three years.

To date has been responsible for training more than 3500 people a year for FREE for the past 10 years.  More than 500 hours per year are dedicated to this program by Stew Smith alone and with 25 more trainers, we expect to have another 2500 more hours of donated time this year.  Help us continue to use the facilities that enable us to do what we do so well.