What is this all about?


Before you consider giving to any non-profit organization, look around. Ask people. Who are the founders? What are their principles? What are their goals? What is their purpose? Do they have a history of giving back to their community and country? Do you want to be like them? Do you wish there were more people like them with a laser guided purpose in life?

Before the sun rises on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for the last 10 years; without fail, a solitary man of determination and purpose has been awake before the sunrise. Stew Smith purposely lives near the U.S. Naval Academy – his alma mater.




While others are out partying and sleeping off a late night of fun, Stew has created workout meetups with prospective candidates for service to their country. These young men and women meet at the Naval Academy, at our training facility nearby. Never at any charge.

Stew works the sweat and weakness out of their bodies and replaces it with inspiration and strength. He thinks that all he is doing is providing physical fitness training. Stew is known to say, “It’s not my job to motivate you to want to serve the greatest country in the world. In my world, minimum fitness standards do not apply for a career where your physical fitness level can mean the difference between life and death for you and others.”

Unknowingly, but with a telling wink, Stew provides more inspiration and motivation with these statements than one could receive in a masters level university course.

Stew’s private and personal endeavor which has provided physical fitness training (PFT) to over 30,000 Americans so far, has reached its maximum capacity. One man can only be expected to do so much. Stew realized that what he was doing needed to go nationwide.

The only way that Stew could reach and prepare more Heroes of Tomorrow to serve America was to regroup and reorganize. With the help of a trusted and dedicated staff of volunteers, Stew was able to turn his passion of “Preparing Americans to Serve” into Heroes of Tomorrow.


Stew is a “heavy lifter”; content to do it on his own. Little did he expect, but there are untold numbers of professionals just like him who write and call all the time to see what they can do to help out.

Well, here’s what you can do to help Stew and his Heroes of Tomorrow. – Dennis Buettner


Our quest is to find qualified, passionate and dedicated personnel from around the United States who we will certify as “Heroes of Tomorrow Trainers”.

We will link deserving young men and women prospective candidates to you in order for them receive physical fitness training for a few hours a week for free.

Our goal is to have our Heroes of Tomorrow Trainers help inspire these men and women who are preparing to serve their country. By giving back and paying forward just a few hours per week, you will show them how to lose weight, exercise and become fit for the rigors of duty.

As a Heroes of Tomorrow Trainer, you will be part of an exclusive team. You will be pre-training men and women to defend our way of life. Click HERE to learn more and apply.



– Internet – Are you a new media professional? Cartoonist, artist or graphic artist? Videographer or editor? Sound professional? WordPress developer or designer? Google API designer? Do you know FileMaker integration or Lasso? Let’s talk.

– Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations/Branding/Licensing – Do you have the connections that we need to get the word out? Let’s talk.

Sponsorships/Grant writer – Are you a sponsorship or grant writing professional? Do you have some extra time on your hands and want to put it to good use? We could use your assistance in building sponsorships and getting grants for Heroes of Tomorrow, WorldPFT and Military Triathlon as well as future events. We have a captive audience of military men and women around the world. Let’s talk.

Television – Are you a trigger puller in national television? Syndication? How about PSA’s? We need folks who can help us get the word out via video releases and PSA’s around the country and on AFRTS.

Legal -We could always use the pro-bono services of a good legal team. We have most of our legal docs completed, but a review and update to our current release set would always be appreciated.

Grant Writer – Do you write grants and or proposals? You know who you are. We would love to speak with you.

Everybody Else – Are you an awesome person who would like to give back? What special skill set do you have to help Heroes of Tomorrow? Let’s talk.

Volunteers; click HERE to fill out our online submission questionnaire.