Where does it go?

Before you consider giving to any non-profit organization, look around. Ask people. Who are the founders? What are their principles? What are their goals? What is their purpose? Do they have a history of giving back to their community and country? Do you want to be like them? Do you wish there were more people like them with a laser guided purpose in life?



More importantly ~ where does my donation of time and money go?

Here’s how it breaks down with respect to our main goal; “Preparing Americans To Serve”.

Definition: Prospective Candidate is any man or woman  whose goal is to serve their country in a branch of service of their own choosing. This could be police, fire, EMS, military or public service where successful completion of a physical fitness test (PFT) is required. Normally this is a young person of limited financial means and knowledge needed to accomplish this goal.

Heroes of Tomorrow staff from your community have the knowledge to prepare these young men and women for what is normally their first adult success! Your assistance provides the following:

Your gift of $50.00 can provide running shoes for one prospective candidate.

Your gift of $100.00 can provide swimming passes to one prospective candidate.

Your gift of $500.00 can provide permanent training equipment for Heroes of Tomorrow training centers around the country and the world.

Your gift of $1,000.00 or more can help us grow as well as provide all of the above and more to prospective candidates.


You may target your gifts of time and money also. Your time and money can be targeted to assist us in creating and replicating media including videos, websites, WorldPFT and Military Triathlon events for prospective candidates and active duty military, police, fire and EMS personnel from around the world.

We are purposefully efficient in all that we do having created a standardized training system which utilizes low and no-cost communication assets such as FaceBook, YouTube, WordPress, StickAm.com as well as volunteer assistance.

Corporate donations are proudly accepted and efficiently utilized. Does your company rely on the freedoms of America? Do you have employees who proudly serve? Want to help us in “preparing Americans to serve”? Contact us and tell us what you want. We know that we can work together to get your word out as a Heroes of Tomorrow Corporate Sponsor.