Letter About Heroes of Tomorrow from Stew Smith - Founder

The Heroes of Tomorrow and I train at the Severna Park Community Center in Maryland near Annapolis.  I am grateful for the opportunity to highlight SPCC’s contribution to my Heroes of Tomorrow program as they are the non-profit organization that we are apart of.  Any donation to the Severna Park Community Center, helps our group train there for FREE at no cost to the future military, police, and firefighters who attend our workouts over 500 hours a year.

I created the Heroes of Tomorrow in 2003 to provide an entirely free training program for those seeking any of the military, special ops, police and fire fighting professions.  It could not exist as it is without SPCC’s generosity, allowing young men and women to use the facilities for FREE if they are part of the Heroes of Tomorrow program.  We typically work out using the weight room, basketball court, and swimming pool early in the morning every day, year round.  People come from out of state, even across the country to join our program, as it is open to everyone who wants to serve our country and communities. We put on fundraisers every quarter to say thanks and continually accept donations in the name of the SPCC.  Many of our fundraisers have gone to more equipment, updating the fitness center, and lane lines in the pool and so much more.

 Video Story on the Heroes of Tomorrow and the Severna Park Community Center

The Severna Park Community Center is a non-profit organization that provides a gathering space for activities that serve all members of the community from children to seniors.  It exists largely on donations.  As a way to say thanks for supporting our program, I’m asking you to help me support SPCC as they prepare for their Annual Gala – the biggest fundraiser of the year.

There are a variety of ways to support this incredible organization:

1 – Go to www.spcommunitycenter.org

2 –  Become a sponsor of some of the participants or the event.  Support anyway you prefer.  We can place your logo on the race shirt. You can donate drinks, fruit, or monetarily is always helpful.

4 – You can email me at Stew@stewsmith.com and we can specialize or personalize your assistance anyway that works for you and the event.

5 – Attend the Spec Ops Triathlon (Noon April 8th) – Join us as we do a 4 mile run / 4 mile ruck and a 1 mile swim at the Severna Park Community Center.  This is where you can work out with us, get help with swimming as there is a teaching lane during the 1 mile swim portion, and donate to a great cause.  See link for sign up information to the Spec Ops Tri.

6 – Sponsor your business  logo on our Heroes of Tomorrow T Shirts.  For $100, we will keep your logo on our shirts we sell at StewSmith.com and other events for a full year.  See Link to Sponsor our shirt.

And of course, you can always join us for a FREE workout whenever you are in the area.

I have had the honor of helping to prepare thousands of people who have gone on to serve this country.  With your help, we will continue to run the Heroes of Tomorrow – helping thousands more prepare for their future profession’s physical rigors.  This requires about 500 hours a year of donated time from myself and facility usage at the Severna Park Community Center.  If the SPCC stays open, we have a home.   Help us pave the way to SPCC’s and the Heroes of Tomorrow’s future!    Whatever your contribution, it makes a wonderful difference.  All money goes to the SPCC and since they are a non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Stew Smith