We know why recruiters are here. You have a very important job to do. Your recruit candidates want to serve their country in the service of their choice. We are proud of their desire. We want them to succeed. Their country needs fine Americans like them.
Before they recruit candidates are considered for service, they might need to lose 20,30 or more pounds and have to run 1.5 miles in under 9:30. They know this already or you have told them to come back after you can accomplish this.

You can tell them to contact Heroes of Tomorrow –we can help. Your recruit candidates are now at the beginning of an honorable and successful journey and we can help them, but only if they do their big part.

Their “big part”? Show up! Work hard. Participate passionately. Be bold! Give 1 more.

We provide physical fitness training designed to assist the trainee pass their PFT. We do not provide motivational training. We believe the only motivation that someone needs is the knowledge that they have the opportunity to serve the greatest country in the world.

Recruiters; click HERE to fill out our online submission questionnaire.