“Heroes of Tomorrow”
is looking for professional trainers with
military, law enforcement,
or fire fighter experience. 

Heroes of Tomorrow Trainers will be working with local police and fire academies as well as military recruiters to assist them with reaching their fitness goals for incoming candidates at no cost. Active duty personnel needing to pass PFT/PST may also attend training.

Heroes of Tomorrow Trainers will be a part of an online community to match them with local area prospective candidates to form workout groups. Through the online community, candidates will have access to nutrition tips, recommended gear lists, and supplemental workout plans and the collective knowledge of seasoned professionals.

Heroes of Tomorrow Trainers will help with the mission of Heroes of Tomorrow.

As many of you know, we have been providing free training at our facility near Annapolis, Maryland for the past decade.

Annually, we mentor and train more than 2500-3500 future military, federal, state and local law enforcement, and paid as well as volunteer fire fighters through our programs at our training facilities in Severna Park, Md., and at the United States Naval Academy (8 miles away in Annapolis).

We are now replicating our programs across the country.

Our quest is to find qualified, passionate and dedicated professional trainers from around the country who we will train and certify as “Heroes of Tomorrow Trainers”. We will link deserving young men and women to these trainers in order for them receive education / training for a few hours a week at no cost to the trainee.

Our goal is to have our Heroes of Tomorrow Trainers help to prepare, inspire, motivate and sweat these young men and women who wish to serve their country. By giving back and paying forward just a few hours per week, you will show them how to lose weight, exercise and become fit for the rigors of duty.

As a Heroes of Tomorrow Trainer, you will be part of an exclusive team. You will be pre-training men and women to defend our way of life around the world.

Be advised: We are highly selective with the use of the Heroes of Tomorrow brand so you will need to exceed the following criteria (minimum achievers need not apply):

– You must be certified personal trainer or strength / conditioning specialist (or degree in exercise science field).

– You will need to sign and submit all of our releases.

– You will have to provide us proof of insurance.

– You must be currently certified CPR and/or life guard and provide documentation.

– You must posses communication skills using computer as well as personal / phone skills. Sometimes you will be called upon to train and motivate young men and women at distant locations via the Internet and telephone.

– You should be an inspiring force in young people’s lives yet understand that a person seeking to serve the United States must first be self-motivated. It’s not up to you to motivate someone who’s job it is “to defend the United States of America”. Their motivation should come from their passion and pride in wanting to serve.

**Note – we have had a few excellent trainers without military experience inquire about the Heroes of Tomorrow Trainer offering. If you want to give, we want you to join our awesome team. We have all the information on fitness testing and will assist all trainers with ideas, protocol, other exercises for training their groups!

Why do this? America’s talent pool for serving our country and communities is significantly declining each year as young men and women are too overweight and de-conditioned to join the services. This affects operational readiness for every branch and unit. The Heroes of Tomorrow Fitness Program simplifies the process of losing weight / getting fit to serve through education and training programs taught by profession trainers who want to give back.

Trainers: If you are interested in pursuing the Heroes of Tomorrow Trainer title and helping to prepare Americans to serve, email us for more information.

Trainers; click HERE to fill out our online submission questionnaire.